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Extensive Maintenance Guide

  /    /  Extensive Maintenance Guide

After you’ve Hair Replacement System install it is important that you take the necessary steps to take care of your unit. Below are a few tips to do just that!

Before bed or just laying around...

Be sure to wrap your head with a Durag, stocking cap, or scarf. Be careful pulling off. Make sure to hold down unit and/or lift stocking cap slowly to avoid lifting unit. A silk pillow case is also a great investment if you want to lay your head down when relaxing.

Don't Brush the Unit

Don’t brush the unit but lightly brush the sides and back of your (own) hair with soft or medium bristle brush, only use the corners to make sure the unit still blends with your hair. Excessive brushing may cause shedding. Only brush when really needed. For higher hair units, you can use a curl sponge to twist or curl the hair on top.

Try to avoid getting unit wet.

Use shower cap in the shower or swim cap for pools, beach, etc. Be careful pulling it off.

If unit lifts or loosens up, don’t panic.

Use a Q-Tip to clean area with alcohol lightly. Next, apply a small amount of adhesive with a small makeup brush (not too much to avoid having it seep through unit), wait about 3 minutes and lightly reattach unit to area, using a blow dryer briefly to ensure adhesive drives and unit is affixed.

If your unit begins to itch or feel dry...

If your unit begins to itch or feel dry you can use an anti-itch spray or eczema spray such as MetaDerm Scalp and Body Care Natural Eczema, Seborrhea Soothing Spray. Only spray a small amount then wrap your scarf.

If you sweat a lot and are active...

If you sweat a lot and are active (hiking, gym, etc.) try and use a scalp antiperspirant (PHL No Sweat Anti Perspirant) and a stocking cap if possible for your activities.

Follow-Up Treatments

Because of the nature of the impressions and pigment being placed in the second dermal layer of the skin, lightening will happen over time as skin regenerations. We recommend 1 session a year (our SMP Refresher Service) for aftercare.

If you want to wear a hat or cap...

If you want to wear a hat or cap, always use a stocking cap underneath to avoid moving or loosen- ing the unit. Light pomade or moisture can be used on own hair occasionally but not too often, to avoid loosening unit.

You can add hair fibers to the form of your shape up line...

You can add hair fibers to the form of your shape up line or to even out areas you see fit. Apply a holding spray. Apply hair fibers with a small eyebrow brush and apply more holding spray to ensure the placement of the fibers.