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Scalp Micro Pigmentation Aftercare Guide

  /    /  Scalp Micro Pigmentation Aftercare Guide

After you’ve had your Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) treatment it is important that you take the necessary steps to take care of your scalp. The form of aftercare may change your daily routine for a month (or after each treatment) but the changes beyond the first week are fairly minimal. The below information serves as a guide for aftercare.

What to Expect After Your SMP Session

Post-procedure, you’ll want to generally be careful with your head. Treat it almost like a wound that you don’t want to wet until it’s ready. Avoid chlorine, saltwater, and the like.

The First 4 Days After Your SMP Treatment

Try to avoid washing your scalp for 4 days following your SMP treatment. Directly after treatment, you may notice some scabs on your scalp. This is normal, and scabs will fill fade during the healing process.

Sweating is also not recommended directly following treatment. To avoid sweating, don’t perform any workouts or exercise routines up to 5 days after treatment. Don’t touch your scalp as the oils and bacteria from your fingers could affect your scalp or even infect it.

Days 5-7 of After Your SMP Treatment

On day 5, you can clean your scalp with a gentle soothing shampoo. It is recommended to have a mild shampoo with no exfoliants to keep it your scalp clean. Preferably sulfate-free and in lukewarm water for best healing.

You can also shave your head (if necessary)  at this point. We recommend waiting 10 days for a wet shave, however, you can use an electric foil shaver after day five.

Days 8-14 of After Your SMP Treatment

After day 7, we still recommend that you avoid scratching your scalp since it could lead to infections. This also includes razor blades; instead, opt for an electric foil shaver. At this point, start using a moisturizer regularly. Rubbing it into your scalp will help your head heal quickly.

Days 15-30 of After Your SMP Treatment

At this time, you’ll almost be ready to return to your normal routine. There are just a few more things you’ll want to avoid until 30 days after your treatment: swimming and the sun.

Avoid situations that might affect the pigments like steam rooms, salt water, chlorinated pools, saunas, and UV rays. You can protect yourself against UV rays by wearing sunscreen and hats. Stay safe from the sun for your health and the best SMP results.

Longterm Aftercare Routine Tips

  • Avoid tanning beds as this will speed up the loss of pigments. Even beyond the days following treatment, your scalp may be more affected by tanning beds’ light.
  • Keep your scalp moisturized.
  • Refrain from AHA products for washing as this will affect the pigments.
  • Some products have far more alcohol than others. While a little won’t do excessive damage, less alcohol is better for your scalp.

Follow-Up Treatments

Because of the nature of the impressions and pigment being placed in the second dermal layer of the skin, lightening will happen over time as skin regenerations. We recommend 1 session a year (our SMP Refresher Service) for aftercare.