Our mission is to provide excellence in every service we offer, remaining committed to integrity while serving our clients all while offering exceptional customer experience.

Our vision is to be the hair salon of choice offering unique services that help you feel unlimited in your hair care and health journey.



In an industry where traditional hair care services often trumps specialization, Kani Gordon aka "Kanishia Fairy Hair Mother" stands out as a visionary. With a profound personal connection to hair loss, she transformed her salon into a sanctuary dedicated solely to hair loss and alopecia solutions, a bold move few stylists dare to make. This decision was not just a change in services but a heartfelt commitment to creating a safe haven for those navigating the journey of hair restoration.

Kanishia brings 23+ years of rich experience master cosmetology. Her journey into the specialized field of hair loss was sparked when seeing how many individuals were suffering from this—she herself experiences hairloss. She believes passionately that everyone deserves to feel confident and empowered, regardless of their hair challenges.

Leading with empathy and innovation, Kani Gordon has cultivated a unique space where clients can find not only cutting-edge treatments like custom hair replacement systems and scalp micro pigmentation but also a community of like-minded individuals. Her salon is more than just a place for hair care; it's a beacon of hope and a source of comfort for those seeking to reclaim their confidence and identity.

Under her guidance, Kani Gordon Hair Group has become a testament to the power of specialized care, offering personalized solutions that address each client's unique needs. Kani's s dedication to her craft and her clients is evident in every consultation, treatment, and success story that originates from her salon. She and her team are not just restoring hair—they're rebuilding lives, one client at a time.





At the heart of Kani Gordon Hair Group's welcoming atmosphere is Gitana our dedicated Salon Assistant. With a passion for impeccable service and a keen eye for detail, she Kanisha's right hand woman ensuring every client's experience is seamless from the moment they step in. Whether you're visiting for a consultation or a regular treatment, Gitana's warm smile and can-do attitude make her an indispensable part of our team.


Bringing fresh enthusiasm and a modern approach to hair restoration, Tesheka is our talented Junior Stylist. Undergoing nearly two years of intensive training in the latest hair loss treatments and styling techniques, she is passionate about helping clients achieve their desired look. Tesheka's is eager to bring personalized care and creativity to every client's journey towards hair rejuvenation. 

Tesheka's Specializes in: 
  • Hair Replacement Units (Pixie, Curly & Bobs) 
  • Traditional Hair Care Services
  • Hair Replacement (Reattachments) 





With an impressive background and years of experience in the industry, Tomica is our Senior Hair Stylist. She relocated from New York and brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique set of skills to our team.  Her unique set of skills and offerings will reflect reflect each client's individual needs and lifestyle, making her a trusted ally in your hair restoration journey.

Tomica Specializes In: 
Alopecia Ponytails 
Weave-Buddy Installations
Hair Replacement Units





With a precise hand and an artist's eye, Donovan specializes in creating natural-looking, detailed hairlines that rejuvenate and transform. His expertise in SMP provides both men and women with a revolutionary solution to hair thinning and loss, offering results that are not just seen but felt.




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